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VINCI Autoroutes : French motorway network

VINCI Autoroutes designs, builds, finances and operates 4,386 km of motorways under concession in France. Every day, it carries over 2 million customers on the networks of its four concession operating companies: ASF, Cofiroute, Escota and Arcour.


Guided by its uncompromising commitment to full and satisfactory execution of the public service missions that the state entrusts to it through concession contracts, VINCI Autoroutes harnesses the energy of all its employees to continuously improve customer service. This has led to a service contract encompassing 32 commitments relating to customer information, assistance, safety, environmental protection and the attractiveness of rest and service areas.

VINCI Autoroutes turned in sound results thanks to traffic growth on its networks and constant efforts to optimise its operational performance. As part of the motorway stimulus plan signed in 2015, the company will invest €2 billion in road widening and improving the environmental performance of its networks. Its innovation policy is opening the way to new connected mobility services.