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Every Friday and Saturday from 1 July to 20 August, the VINCI Autoroutes rest areas all over the network will be in summer mode. Almost 1,500 of the company’s employees will be providing holiday-makers with outstanding themed events and activities for the whole family as they travel to their holiday destinations.

20 July 2016
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> Unique events to punctuate the summer weekends
2016 is a special year as it marks the 30th edition of the Etapes Sportives (sports breaks), which more than 3 million holiday-makers have enjoyed since their launch in 1986. The anniversary will be celebrated on 1 July at the Montélimar rest area on the A7 at the start of the Etapes Estivales.
Another out-of-the-ordinary event is “Patrick’s fête” at the St Léger rest area on the A10 on 8 and 9 July. A host of games, inspired by the French film “Camping 3”, will be proposed, including “flip-flop throwing”, the hunt for Patrick’s comb” and a selfie competition with the famous inflatable lobster from the film.

> A series of innovations will be unveiled at the Saint Rambert d’Albon rest area on the A7 throughout the summer. At this “digital” rest area, visitors will discover a range of new connected services, including a cartoon notebook, a roaming digital library and a digital kiosk of short stories, all against a musical background selected by the visitors themselves.
In addition, the key events that attract almost 500,000 holiday-makers of all ages each year will be put on again this summer: the “Book Weekend”, siesta areas aimed at preventing drowsiness at the wheel, with sleep doctors and psychomotor therapists in attendance, and not forgetting the fabulous 14 July fireworks display at the Belvédère d’Auriac rest area on the A61, with its view of the mediaeval city of Carcassonne.
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> Free events and activities for the whole family
At the 30 rest areas hosting Etapes Estivales on the network, holiday-makers will find even more services and events than in 2015.
“Siesta and relaxing games to play as a family”, “Reading”, “Traffic info” and “Road safety”: all these temporary day-long events will attract visitors, including the very young, who will, for instance, be able to learn about responsible driving on the 20 mini-tracks specially designed by the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation.

To choose where to stop and take a break unlike any other, see the programme of events: