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Travelling to France

VINCI Autoroutes offers a whole range of services to prepare your journey on the motorway – traffic information and live updates, rundown of facilities at service stations, an app and more.


• Save time by finding out about conditions – check out Live Traffic Information and see how traffic is flowing on our Traffic Cameras.

• Get advance warning of even minor disruptions with the Alerts service on our VINCI Autoroutes app.

• Avoid traffic jams by choosing the best time to leave – see our Traffic Forecasts for the coming months to plan your day and time of departure.

• Make sure you are fully prepared – check the Weather Forecast for your journey before you set off.

• Save money by ride-sharing – see the locations of our car parks for ride-sharers.

• No nasty surprises! Plan your route and get a costing for it with the Journey Price Calculator.

• Plan the stages of your journey and compare facilities, using our Hotel Booking service.

For detailed information about motorway service areas (facilities and services, promotions, fuel prices, etc.), how to contact our Client Services, finding ride-sharing car parks and more, click on: everything about the Vinci Autoroutes network.