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VINCI Autoroutes, Europe’s leading motorway operator, has joined forces with Waze, a crowd-sourcing navigation app that provides real-time traffic information. Motorists now have access to more detailed, interactive and crowd-sourced traffic information from their point of departure to their final destination outside the motorway network. Radio VINCI Autoroutes is the first media outlet in France to tune into the “Waze Broadcast Program”.

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Precise and immediate information
Each day, VINCI Autoroutes provides its 2.2 million customers with regular and precise traffic information updated by the 2,400 men and women who work on its network and from technical equipment (surveillance cameras and traffic counting systems) installed across its 4,386 km network. Motorway radio, a concept developed by VINCI Autoroutes in 1988, is still the main source for this type of information provided every 15 minutes or as soon as the situation requires.

The aim of Waze is to provide users with access to the best possible service to simplify their travel worldwide by delivering real-time information. The free app is available for iOS and Android devices in 200 countries and in 45 languages. Users key in real-time information as they travel (slowdowns, accidents, weather conditions, etc.) in order to facilitate other drivers’ journeys. Waze has therefore become an essential source of information for all stakeholders in the mobility sector. France is a key market for Waze: in the Paris region alone, almost 1.2 million users log onto the app each month.

Now, Radio VINCI Autoroutes (107.7) can also benefit from the crowd-sourced data available through the Waze app with its more than 50 million active users worldwide, and provide listeners with even more detailed traffic information beyond the motorway network, especially around the entry into cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Marseille and Nice. In this way, motorway customers will have up-to-the-minute information about their travel time and any events affecting sections of their trip outside the motorway network.