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BlaBlaCar, the world’s leader for long-distance ridesharing and VINCI Autoroutes, the leading motorway concession operator in Europe, have joined forces to offer “Temps Libre Covoiturage” (Free-time rideshare), a specific automatic toll payment service, the first of its kind in France, aimed at promoting and encouraging ridesharing on the motorway. The aim of this unprecedented partnership is to allow users to save on their trip and encourage this friendly mode of travel.

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Encourage ridesharing on the VINCI Autoroutes network

The 10 million members of BlaBlaCar now have access to a specific system to make ridesharing easier on France’s largest motorway network. The benefit for users include savings on travel costs, fuel and tolls shared between ridesharers.

It includes:
• A new automated toll payment called “Temps Libre Covoiturage” (Free time rideshare). It has no administration fee and is valid from two long-distance rideshare trips a month reserved on BlaBlaCar and made on the VINCI Autoroutes network ;
• The provision of 19 designated rideshare car parks (a total of 1500 spaces) across the VINCI Autoroutes network and, eventually, installation of secure meeting points for drivers and passengers on parking areas located near toll plazas ;
• Ridesharing encouraged and promoted to all VINCI Autoroutes customers, of whom 2.2 million are subscribers, on Radio VINCI Autoroutes, social networks and the Internet.

For Olivier Alamo, Marketing Manager at VINCI Autoroutes, “Developing ridesharing is an opportunity to provide our customers with an additional service that is totally in phase with current mobility trends. This approach ties in with VINCI Autoroutes’ commitment to making the best possible use of the motorway by encouraging the development of collective modes of transport and the shared use of private vehicles.”

For Frédéric Mazzella, founder and CEO of BlaBlaCar, “Ridesharing and the motorway are an obvious pairing. With this partnership, BlaBlaCar members will benefit from new advantages and the practice of ridesharing will gain greater currency in our everyday lifestyles, which, in addition to the economic aspect, includes self-evident ecological and social advantages.”

Two mobility leaders working together in France

BlaBlaCar and VINCI Autoroutes had been working for several years to develop ridesharing in France using specific and complementary systems:
• BlaBlaCar has been creating the world's largest long-distance ridesharing community since 2006 with its website that connects passengers and drivers wanting to make the same trip. This trust-based community already has 10 million ridesharers of whom 2 million rideshare each month
• VINCI Autoroutes, a public-interest private operator, provides innovative solutions to support and encourage new road uses: it builds rideshare car parks (e.g., on the A10 in Dourdan-Longvilliers, Paris region), runs digital experiments to facilitate everyday mobility (e.g., VINCI Autoroutes innovation laboratory created in cooperation with start-ups such as CitéGreen ) and even offers to optimise the future use of motorways for public transit (Briis-sous-Forges motorway station on the A10, designated coach lanes, etc.).