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The VINCI Startup Tour: a European competition to identify startups for VINCI to accelerate

VINCI announces the launch of the VINCI Startup Tour, a travelling competition organised at European level to identify innovative, promising initiatives that reinvent the digital customer experience in the infrastructure operated by the Group.

25 November 2015
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Startups developing new services or products designed to improve and optimise the digital customer experience in motorways, airports and stadiums will be invited to take part in auditions organised between 4 and 19 February 2016 in some 10 French cities as well as in London and Lisbon. A jury made up of experts from VINCI and its local Group partners will judge their projects.

VINCI will offer all the winning teams support and acceleration (official list to be revealed on 4 March 2016), giving them an opportunity to try out their innovative services or products under real conditions in VINCI Group infrastructure and a prospect, if the project is successful, of rolling out their project. Each of these startups will be supported by a mentor (a Group expert). Three winning projects will receive a special jury award, which has a total endowment of €30,000.

The initiative lies at the heart of the Group's open innovation strategy.
The competition, supported by several Group subsidiaries (VINCI Autoroutes, VINCI Airports and VINCI Stadium) is part of VINCI's open innovation strategy and extends the cooperation with startups that the Group initiated several years ago.
As part of this policy, VINCI organised two hackathons in France in 2014 and 2015, which brought together startups, students and developers for 48 hours to jointly design digital services and applications that optimise VINCI's infrastructure services offering.

Teams have until midnight on Sunday 17 January 2016 to submit their application to take part in the competition.
Information and applications: